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ISBN : 9781632397430

Publisher :   mlbooksinternational

Language :   English

Category :   Pharmaceutical Sciences

Publication Year :   2016

Price : USD  145.00

Description :  This book contains some path-breaking studies related to drug discovery and pharmaceutical formulation. It unravels the recent discoveries related to this field. Pharmaceutical formulation refers to the science of using present drugs in order to formulate new improved medications. The aim of this field is to discover drugs which are stable, harmless, and adequate for the patient and do not cause any side effects. It incorporates formulation of different forms of drugs like tablets, capsules, lyophilized and liquid, etc. This book will provide interesting topics for research which students, doctors, practitioners and others related to this field can take up. Some of the diverse aspects covered herein address the varied branches that fall under this category. It is an essential guide for both academicians and those who wish to pursue this discipline further.

Author/Editor :  Reginald Thornburg

Author's Description :  Reginald Thornburg graduated in pharmacology and pharmacy and received his master’s degree in molecular neuroendocrinology. He serves as an assistant researcher at a medical research laboratory in United Kingdom. He is also a visiting faculty in three colleges across UK. His academic and research interests lie in steroid hormones and effects of glucocorticoids in drug therapy. Thornburg has produced over 28 articles and research papers, which have been published in international journals. He has been presented with three awards for his research contributions in the field of medicine and pharmaceutical science.