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ISBN : 9781632397348

Publisher :   mlbooksinternational

Language :   English

Category :   Pharmaceutical Sciences

Publication Year :   2016

Price : USD  132.00

Description :  This book contains some path-breaking studies related to the field of pharmaceutics. It elucidates new techniques and their applications in a multidisciplinary approach. Pharmaceutics refers to the study of designing and formulating new and better medicines from the available drugs. It deals with manufacturing of advanced drugs which are harmless and efficient. It has many branches like dispensing pharmacy, physical pharmacy, pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmaceutical jurisprudence, etc. This text includes topics of utmost significance which are bound to provide incredible insights in the field of pharmaceutics. Different approaches, evaluations, methodologies and advanced studies in this area have been included in this book. It will be immensely beneficial to students, pharmacists, doctors and researchers and anyone else related with this field.

Author/Editor :  Erica Helmer

Author's Description :  Erica Helmer has a master’s degree in medicinal chemistry (pharmaceutical chemistry) and a PhD in pharmacology from Russia. She is an assistant researcher in a pharmaceutical company and is actively engaged in the research of drug carrier systems. Her academic and research interests lie in drug design and drug metabolism. Helmer, in her career of over 12 years, has authored and edited a number of peer-reviewed articles, journal papers and book chapters in the fields of pharmacology and medicinal chemistry.